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Bob’s unique style of painting breaks down the subject matter to its simplest form. Painting from light to dark or dark to light.
Bob takes you through each painting starting, from a simple drawing of the subject to its completion usually in just a few easy steps. For each step Bob does a demo and the student follows. In some cases he paints a picture from the beginning to its completion, describing the colors being used, how to apply each wash, brush techniques, and most important, how to simplify.
Bob describes his painting style as throwing paint and letting things happen. Bob says “Painting is like having an itch you can’t quite reach, but you keep trying to scratch it anyway. For me, it’s not about the finished picture, it’s the painting process that I like.”

Screen shot of Bob from one of his PBS "Painting on Location with Bob Fagan" episodes.

Class Schedule

Classes and workshops are no longer available.

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